Wallarm Clouds List

FAST relies on several clouds to operate. These clouds are divided based on geographical location. There are:

  • American cloud (aka US cloud).
  • European cloud (aka EU cloud).

During its operation, FAST interacts with the Wallarm portal and API server that are located in one of the clouds:

Please, pay attention

Rules of interaction with Wallarm clouds:

  • You can interact with the Wallarm portal and the API server that are located strictly in the same cloud (e.g., the American one).
  • If you sign up for a Wallarm trial account, then it will be tied to the American cloud.

Wallarm clouds and FAST documentation:

  • For the sake of simplicity, it is assumed throughout the documentation that FAST interacts with the American Wallarm cloud.
  • All information from the documentation is equally applicable to all available clouds, unless stated otherwise.
  • If you interact with the European cloud, then use corresponding addresses of the Wallarm portal and the API server when working with FAST and the documentation.

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