Configuration of Proxying Rules

Chapter Prerequisites

To follow the steps described in this chapter, you need to obtain:

  • A domain name or IP address of the Docker host where the the FAST node’s container is running.
  • A Docker host’s port number on which the node is listening.

Configure your request source to use the FAST node as an HTTP proxy for all the requests issued towards the target application.

Depending on the way your CI/CD infrastructure interacts with the FAST node’s Docker container, you can address the node by one of the following means:

  • IP address.
  • Domain name.


If your test tool runs as a Linux Docker container, you can pass the following environment variable into the container to enable proxying of all the HTTP requests from that container through the FAST node:

  HTTP_PROXY=http://<FAST node name or IP address>:<port>

The next chapter describes how to stop the recording process.

You could go back to the list of FAST integration's steps if necessary.

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